Multiline Books (PVT) Ltd. is one of the leading Importers, Retailers, Whole-sellers and library suppliers with more than 60,000 books in ready stock. We provide services in:

  • We import books from all over the world including USA, UK, Neitherland, Italy, Singapore, Germany, India.
  • We deal order request Online and Post.
  • We deal order for Pakistan in All Subjects and for rest of the world in Urdu only.
  • We deal international and local orders(*Special Order) according to the mode of dispatch.
  • We solve * Special orders within 8 days (Courrier Service charges apply).
  • We give 10% discount to members, if give order above Rs.1000.
  • We offer free shipping in Pakistan (Special Orders are not included) Free print copy of book list by post on request.
  • if you have any exhibition or book fair we shall actively participate in it.
  • Special order for local order are orders in which books are not available in the ready stock. The shipping charges apply according to mode of dispatch.
  • Special order for international order are orders for Urdu subjects. The shipping charges apply.